Asheville is at its Peak

The long-awaited peak of the leaf season has arrived in Asheville! Lingering green leaves joined the color party this week and will continue...


Late October

Late October

Halloween is just around the corner and the golden orange we associate with pumpkins has colored tre...



Footage from Fall 2008

This video features a collection of scenery from western North Carolina, capturing all the lively colors of fall. A park ranger shares with ...


Frost in Asheville

As I stepped outside this morning, I saw something I hadn't seen in quite some time. A thin layer of frost had formed on the grass. Unti...


Autumn in Full Swing

Autumn in Full Swing

Autumn is in full swing, as the mountaintops explode with vivid color and leaves paint Asheville cr...


Hey, Take a Hike (or Bike Ride)

Now is the perfect time to get out and explore the area while enjoying Mother Nature's colorful fall show. Bring your bike and hit the...



Big Color Up Top

Big Color Up Top

Big Color Up Top Fall is the season of color, and that is exactly what we're seeing at higher e...